Pils Buah from Kakilang Brewing Company (Malaysia) Beta Test at Embargo

Kakilang Brewing Company Pils Buah

Kakilang Brewing Company is excited to announce we are launching the beta test of our first beer at Embargo: Pils Buah (Seasonal Fruit Pilsner).

Brewed in collaboration with Riel Brewing and Distilling, we invite you to try our Pils Buah, give us feedback (we need it!), and join us as Kakilang’s journey to provide Southeast Asia with kickass beer, designed for our tastes and cuisine. This is the first Malaysian craft beer served in Cambodia, another sign of a fast growing Cambodian craft beer scene.

To set expectations, we only have 20 litres of the beer, and it is still very much a ‘beta test’. 3$ for a regular glass and 4.5$ for a pint.