1st Craft Beer Tasting Event at Embargo – Notorious Bong

Craft Beer Tasting Event at Embargo - Notorious Bong

Just over a year ago, we were finally going to host our first proper craft beer tasting event at Embargo. Of course, we have tasted plenty of beers here with friends and some enemies before, but this was going to be a part of a monthly event we wanted to hos.

Unfortunately, COVID properly started hitting Cambodia in the same week so we had to cancel the event. The good thing is that we´ve had another year to perfect this event and there have even been some new brewers popping up. It´s finally time to re-introduce the event and on the 18th of June, we will be holding our first official craft beer tasting event at Embargo!

You might then be wondering what beers we will be serving on this date? Well, the brewer we will be featuring is Notorious Bong from Kampot. If you haven’t heard of them before, there´s a good reason why – because they only started brewing in December!

Notorious Bong Jimmy Two Times DIPA

Notorious Bong is co-founded by the two French guys Theo and Simon. So far they´ve been putting out some very impressive beers that we have had the honour to serve at Embargo.

The format of the event will be simple, all participants will get to try 7 different Notorious Bong craft beers together with other craft beer aficionados. We will also be serving cold cuts served with the beers along with some small snacks from the Embargo food menu.

There are limited places available so get yours fast! RSVP and the tickets are $15.

Bookings can be done through our Facebook or the event page.

For more information about craft beer in Phnom Penh check out our blog and for more details about the beers that will be served visit Cambodian Craft Beers.